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ゆるドラ v02.29.00 MOD APK (Menu Mod) Download

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Download APK (56.63MB)
App Name ゆるドラ
Genre RPG
Size 56.63MB
Latest Version 02.29.00
MOD Info Menu Mod
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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ゆるドラ MOD APK 02.13.00, Mod Menu

◆You can get started without having to go through a rescheduling process! ◆◆Congratulations! 10 year anniversary! ◆◆Over 7 million downloads! ◆//////////////////////////////////No need to reroll//////////////////////////////////You can redraw the first gacha as many times as you like, no need to reroll!Keep trying until you win your favorite character!//////////////////////////////////Special bonus//////////////////////////////////A must-see for beginners! We are currently running a special bonus where you can get super powerful units and luxury items!If you log in for 7 days, you will receive 2 “Valkyrie Exchange Tickets” that allow you to choose your favorite Battle Maiden unit!4 "Special Item Sets" containing over 40 items!And you'll definitely get the "Ultimate Awakening Special Exchange Ticket" where you can choose a super powerful Ultimate Awakening unit!Furthermore, we are running a beginner campaign where you can receive 19,000 gold coins that can be used for gacha in total for 5 days!Now is the time to make a start! !//////////////////////////////////Go crazy and save the world! //////////////////////////////////A mythical RPG that unfolds with a serious and comical story is now available! I have never seen a myth like this! Set in a grand mythical world, cute characters go on a rampage! ! Authentic RPG equipped with command selection battle! !Three features of “Yurudora”① A simple auto-progress battle with command input adds depth! A simple and exhilarating battle with many flashy special moves! !② A loose and pop character that you can relate to! Mythical gods, heroes, and even enemy giants appear as comical and unique characters! !③ Just being cute is not enough! Set in a mythical world, cute characters create an epic story that is sometimes loose and sometimes serious! !//////////////////////////////////Command input type auto battle system//////////////////////////////////The battle is a command input type auto battle where the key is to select commands according to the battle situation that changes in real time!From flashy magic to special moves, recovery and status abnormalities... An exhilarating battle where you can enjoy simple and easy elements that are irresistible for RPG fans!Use various commands prepared for each character to take on powerful enemies in the mythical world!//////////////////////////////////Story//////////////////////////////////In Valhalla, the land where the gods live, the ``Valkyries'' are the most popular priest among the goddesses and are directly under the command of the main god Odin.The protagonist, who has now become a member of the Valkyries, heads to the main god Odin to receive his first mission.What was waiting for me when I opened the door with anticipation, nervousness, and some anxiety...In order to face the apocalyptic battle ``Ragnarok'' in the prophecy, under the direction of the main god Odin, you will explore the vast world connected to the world tree ``Yggdrasil'' with familiar gods from Norse mythology such as Thor, Freya, and Loki. font color=red>Epic fantasy!Can the protagonists change their fate of destruction? ?Please enjoy the loose yet epic story told by unique gods!//////////////////////////////////Characters that color the story//////////////////////////////////◇Lord God OdinThe head of the gods. He used to be an amazing god who ruled over all the gods, but before he knew it, he became a bastard, and his latest catchphrase is ``I don't want to work.''He is very forgetful, clumsy and gives very random instructions. I own 5 of my favorite Oden T-shirts, including spares.◇Thor, God of ThunderKind and strong! Although he often plays with Odin in the heavens, he is a fierce man who served as the commander of a special attack squad in the past war.He is thoughtless and believes that most things can be solved with muscle.He is extremely bad at using force, and spends his days breaking objects and valuable artifacts in the temple, only to be scolded by Freya.He loves the sea bread with the word "Toru" written on it, which was a gift from his daughter. ◇Freya, goddess of fertilityHe's the most common sense person in heaven. Therefore, he always makes harsh but accurate comments about Odin and Thor's actions. She is kind to her juniors and newcomers, and kindly supports the protagonist, a new Valkyrie.◇Sacred Beast SleipnirA divine beast that was originally famous as Odin's horse. By chance, he became humanoid, but contrary to his impressive appearance, he is famous as a gentleman.In order to fulfill his duties as a horseman even in human form,recently he carries Odin to his destination on his back, on his shoulders, or in the arms of a princess.

ゆるドラ Pengantar

ゆるドラ Sebagai game rpg yang sangat populer baru-baru ini, game ini mendapatkan banyak penggemar di seluruh dunia yang menyukai game rpg .Jika Anda ingin mengunduh game ini, sebagai situs unduhan game mod apk gratis terbesar di dunia -- moddroid adalah pilihan terbaik Anda. moddroid tidak hanya memberi Anda versi terbaru dariゆるドラ02.13.00gratis, tetapi juga menyediakan Mod Menu mod gratis, membantu Anda menyimpan tugas mekanis yang berulang dalam gim, sehingga Anda dapat fokus menikmati kesenangan yang dibawa oleh game itu sendiri. moddroid menjanjikan bahwa apapunゆるドラmod tidak akan membebankan biaya apa pun kepada pemain, dan 100% aman, tersedia, dan gratis untuk dipasang. Cukup unduh klien moddroid, Anda dapat mengunduh dan menginstalゆるドラ 02.13.00 dengan satu klik. Tunggu apa lagi, unduh moddroid dan mainkan!

Gameplay Unik

ゆるドラ Sebagai game terkenal rpg ,gameplaynya yang unik telah membantunya mendapatkan banyak penggemar di seluruh dunia. Tidak seperti tradisional rpg game, diゆるドラ, Anda hanya perlu melalui tutorial pemula, sehingga Anda dapat dengan mudah memulai seluruh permainan dan menikmati kesenangan yang dibawa secara klasik rpg game ゆるドラ 02.13.00. Pada saat yang sama, moddroid telah secara khusus membangun platform untuk rpg pecinta game, memungkinkan Anda untuk berkomunikasi dan berbagi dengan semua rpg pecinta game di seluruh dunia, tunggu apa lagi, bergabunglah dengan moddroid dan nikmati rpg permainan dengan semua mitra global menjadi bahagia

Layar Indah

Seperti tradisional rpg game, ゆるドラ memiliki gaya seni yang unik, dan grafik, peta, dan karakternya yang berkualitas tinggi membuat ゆるドラ menarik banyak rpg penggemar, dan dibandingkan dengan tradisional rpg game , ゆるドラ 02.13.00 telah mengadopsi mesin virtual yang diperbarui dan melakukan peningkatan yang berani. Dengan teknologi yang lebih maju, pengalaman layar game telah sangat ditingkatkan. Sambil mempertahankan gaya asli rpg ,maksimum Ini meningkatkan pengalaman sensorik pengguna, dan ada banyak jenis ponsel apk dengan kemampuan beradaptasi yang sangat baik, memastikan bahwa semua rpg pecinta game dapat sepenuhnya menikmati kebahagiaan yang dibawa olehゆるドラ 02.13.00

Mod Unik

Tradisional rpg permainan mengharuskan pengguna menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk mengumpulkan kekayaan/kemampuan/keterampilan mereka dalam permainan, yang merupakan fitur dan kesenangan dari permainan, tetapi pada saat yang sama, proses akumulasi pasti akan membuat orang merasa lelah, tetapi sekarang , munculnya mod telah menulis ulang situasi ini. Di sini, Anda tidak perlu menghabiskan sebagian besar energi Anda dan mengulangi ""akumulasi"" yang sedikit membosankan. Mod dapat dengan mudah membantu Anda menghilangkan proses ini, sehingga membantu Anda fokus menikmati kegembiraan permainan itu sendiri

Unduh sekarang

Cukup klik tombol unduh untuk menginstal aplikasi moddroid, Anda dapat langsung mengunduh versi mod gratis ゆるドラ 02.13.00 dalam paket instalasi moddroid dengan satu klik, dan ada lebih banyak game mod populer gratis yang menunggu untuk Anda mainkan, tunggu apa lagi, unduh sekarang!

Download ゆるドラ (MOD, Menu Mod)

Download APK (56.63MB)
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Aplikasi MODDROID memiliki konten yang lebih lengkap dibandingkan website MODDROID.

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